Cosmic energy Inc.

In 2006, in Italy, three men founded a company whose mission is to test new methods in agriculture and the environment. Their theory is based on the idea that Cosmos, Nature and Man made of the same energy and thus are connected. With the use of ancient symbols, pyramids and special tools, they obtain some interesting results. In February 2009, their theories are tested by a Regional Institute for Research and Sustainable Development. Here begins a personal and professional adventure seeking to establish a contact point between science and experimental research of new methods based on innovative concepts, but not always easily demonstrable. Are we facing new horizons for mankind or are the three protagonists just visionaries out of time and reality? With an ironic tone, but never superficial, between comedy and drama accompanied by inserts animated graphics, this documentary will take us into the visible and invisible “world” of the three protagonists.

Year: 2011
Country: Italy/Spain
Format: HD/DV Lenght: 52′
Authors: Paolo Pallavidino, Giuseppe Schillaci
Director: Giuseppe Schillaci
Producer: Paolo Pallavidino
Executive producer: Roberto Blatt
Editor: Giusi Santoro
Cinematographer: Federico Tonozzi
Sound desisgner: Riccardo Nanni
Graphic Animation: Silvia Bolognesi
Music: Civica Jazz Band Milano

Produced by: EiE film (Italy) in co-production with Chello Multicanal (Spain) with the support of Piemonte Doc Film Fund, in association with POPCult.

Copyright 2020 Riccardo Nanni